Planlagt nedetid natt til 13. september

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Skjermbilde 2013-08-14 kl. 17.47.58

Båndbredden skal økes på vår hovedserver. Endringen skjer natt til 13. september. Det må da beregnes noe nedetid.

Melding fra vår leverandør:
We are pleased to inform you that with the introduction of the free
1 Gbit/s uplink for the new dedicated root server models, we shall be
gradually making the 200 Mbit/s guaranteed bandwidth available for all
dedicated root server clients.

So that you too will be able to profit from the increased bandwidth for
your existing server, we shall be changing numerous switches over
the coming weeks and months and activating 1 Gbit/s uplinks for all.

We are therefore planning to change the switch for the following servers
in the night from 12. September 2013 23.00 hours (CEST) to
13. September 2013 05.00 hours (CEST) accordingly:

EX6 #159357 (

During the changeover, your server will be unavailable for a short period of
time. Should there be any impaired performance once work has been completed,
please would you check your individual network settings.