Netcom-kunder mottar ikke SMS fra FotoArkivet i dag.

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Netcom-kunder mottar ikke SMS fra FotoArkivet i dag.

Fått melding fra leverandøren av SMS-tjenester i dag tidlig.
Netcom klarer ikke å videresende SMS’er til sine kunder.
Det jobbes med saken…

The operator NetCom, Norway (MCC 242, MNC 2) is currently experiencing technical problems, causing us to be unable to forward them to the operator. As a result of this, messages you submit to our systems are queued on our side, and will be sent once NetCom has resolved the issues on their side.

Oppdatering kl 13:18

It appears that NetCom is now again experiencing the same problems as this morning. Messages will be queued on our side and processed when NetCom is up and running again. We’re still waiting for an update from the operator regarding the status of the error, though we’re aware of their operations team working on solving the issue.

Oppdatering kl 14:07

Although we still haven’t received any official feedback from NetCom, it now again appears that traffic submission is working again, though there may be a risk of occasional delays.

We will update you once there’s any news.

Oppdatering kl 17:32

FYI, NetCom has now officially confirmed that their route is again running normally.