“Mermaid in the dark sea” – and how we made it

I have for several days looking for a boat in the water that was small, old and not full of water. I did not find any, – but I found one old abandoned on dry land in the Óbidos Laguna, next to Foz do Arelho. 

I found a boat, – and this is how we made it..

I talked to the man that has saved the boat for ending in the bottom of the laguna, – and he told me I was free to use it for pictures, but it was not possible to move it into any other position. It was in wrong direction from what I wanted, so I had to make a plan.

The plan was to use two pictures. One with the boat and the model, with a led lamp from the right position. Then analyse the picture, and take a second photo of the dark sea from same angel. The light in the water was from wrong direction, so I had to flip picture horizontally. Last time consuming thing, was to make a mask around model and boat – and in the end change the background by put the picture of the dark sea behind the boat. In the very end I had to adjust some shadows, so it should look like one picture.