The making of The Mermaid pictures part 2

The making of a good and unique Mermaid picture is not easy going. We – Soraya and me – want to share with you how we do it.

I was testing the water in São Martinho do Porto short time ago, and it is not warm, but just acceptable.. I feel therefor no shame to ask Soraya for entering the water, – and I did not have to ask her twice.

Soraya planned the transport with the very nice fishermen we have in São Martinho do Porto. I only have to carry as little equipments on my body as possible – in case I fell into water. 

The original plan by floating on a bodyboard does not work as planned, so we had to take a replacement picture into the boat.

But we already have a plan B ready. Just follow us for updating. (Part 1 comes soon..)

Soraya Vieira